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Strategy Games Downloads – 02

Ant WarAnt War

Survive in your ant empire, with different locations, ant personalities, fun game characters, and more!

Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost ChildrenVirtual Villagers 2

Lead your villagers as they rescue a group of lost children and solve the new mysteries of the west shores of the island!

Westward 2Westward 2

Battle evil and demons from the underworld and rebuild the kingdom in this game of sword and sorcery!

Kudos 2Kudos 2

It’s your life – who will you be? Make the choices that will control your world in the ultimate life simulation game!

Escape From ParadiseEscape From Paradise

Play 5 major games, conquer 12 mini games, and lead the survivors of a shipwreck on 1 epic adventure!

Gazillionaire IIIGazillionaire III

The craziest strategy game you’ve ever played, build your company, manage a feisty crew and become rich!

Wandering WillowsWandering Willows

With over 40 enchanting pets for you to befriend and train, you’re sure to find just the right help completing quests!


Control 3 towns of the Wild West, you’ll have to create jobs, build homes and interact with hundreds of townsfolk!

Wild TribeWild Tribe

Can you help evolve these simple creatures into a tribe of foragers, doctors, builders and guards before it’s too late?

Zoo VetZoo Vet

Zoo Vet gives you the ability to care for a diverse group of animals while interacting with entertaining characters!

Robot Arena 2Robot Arena 2

An advanced robot workshop where players get to design and build their own fighting machines.

Island RealmsIsland Realms

Get creative as you build your very own island paradise and help these courageous settlers make ends meet!

Oval OfficeOval Office

The ultimate political simulation game, can you run the country better than the people in charge?

Chocolatier 2Chocolatier 2

Travel to exotic locations, find secret ingredients, and create and new confections to build your chocolate empire!


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